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Personal Injury Treatment at Metro Atlanta Injury & Wellness Center


Any type of injury can certainly be painful and bothersome, but a personal injury suffered as the result of an accident at work or a car collision can be an especially trying experience. In addition to any physical injuries, there’s also the inconvenience of having to spend tons of time and energy on dealing with insurance companies, police reports, and vehicle repairs. In the rush to ensure that all paperwork is filled out properly and that the process moves along smoothly, it’s easy to neglect personal care until something goes wrong. The fact is that, in many instances, injuries don’t show up immediately in the aftermath of a car accident or workplace injury. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and get fully checked out by a chiropractic physician as soon as possible after an accident. A chiropractor can quickly and accurately diagnose the sometimes hard-to-detect occurrence of musculoskeletal abnormalities caused by the impact of an accident. This type of early intervention offers the crucially important possibility of getting healing treatments before the damage becomes worse or irreversible.

Pain Management

Many people experience chronic pain after a car accident and find that they need ongoing medication or even surgery to correct the problems. With chiropractic care, the goal is always to avoid medicinal or surgical intervention as much as possible. Chiropractors seek to relieve your pain, but they are also intensely focused on finding ways to incorporate pain management into your lifestyle in a natural way. This, of course, allows you to avoid dependence on expensive and cumbersome surgical procedures or drugs that may have undesirable side effects. With a mixture of chiropractic adjustments and other holistic modalities, we work to bring about healing with integrative, hands-on care.  

Treatments Offered

As a holistic practitioner, we do understand that healing and good health is the sum of many actions taken on a daily basis. Although manual spinal adjustments are at the core of what we do as chiropractors, we also make use of other forms of treatment to enhance the effects of spinal manipulation. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, your treatment plan may also include massage therapy, physical exercises done inside and outside the office and some form of nutritional counseling. We believe in providing customized care that takes each person’s specific circumstances into consideration, so treatment plans may vary depending on your particular needs.

New Patient Special

We want to make sure that we have the opportunity to share what we know about the benefits of chiropractic care with as many people as possible. To that end, we are pleased to offer a FREE consultation to all new patients. Now is a great time to learn more about how chiropractic treatment can help to get you on track to creating a healthy, pain-free, holistic lifestyle. Call today to get more information or to schedule an appointment for your first visit. Our staff is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about all-natural health and wellness.

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If you’re looking for an East Point chiropractor or a chiropractor in College Park, GA, our College Park chiropractor,Dr. Adjei Mensah, along with his colleague  and Dr. Dena Jones are proud to be serving the areas of College Park, Union City, East Point, Riverdale, Fairburn, Hapeville, Forest Park, Riverdale, Williamsburg Park, GA and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving these communities with excellence in holistic wellness and chiropractic care.Call us at 404-565-0414.


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